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What Are My Startup Costs for Opening your own Business?

Opening your own Business


Opening your own Business

When Opening your own Business Low-risk, high-ROI, service-based franchise opportunities are in high demand, and Chem-Dry is one of the best low-risk, high-return investments out there. Smart entrepreneurs are locking down available Chem-Dry territories to secure their careers and financial futures.

A Chem-Dry franchise owner’s initial investment ranges from €35,595. to €60,000. depending on the equipment and van the owner chooses. A franchise owner will also have to think about covering living expenses as they are starting the business, which are not reflected in the above figures. And regardless of the size of your investment or equipment package you choose, your monthly royalty is constant and affordable. There is no better way of opening your own business.

The Chem-Dry investment model results in a franchise with tremendous scalability and earning potential. Entrepreneurs with more capital can spend more for multiple licenses and lock down territories. It all depends on each individual’s financial situation and level of ambition.

Chem-Dry offers no-cost, in-house financing, and the loan is interest-free. Cash is crucial in the first few months of any new business, and we want our new franchisees to have the first few months to reinvest in their business.. This type of financing is unmatched in the franchise industry, and just another way that we invest in the success of our franchisees to make it easier for you in opening your own business.

This chart details our financing terms by equipment package.  Most new franchisees start their business with the portable option and grow with truck mounted units.

Equipment Option Equipment Initial License Fee New Business Set Total Investment Down Payment Balance Financed Monthly Payment
Portable €15,000. €15,000 €5,595.00 €35,595 €20,000. €15,595. €325.+ Vat

Chem-Dry Franchise Starting a new Business Costs

Four components make up the investment and start-up costs when starting a new business from Chem-Dry franchise. Chem-Dry helps finance three of these: the initial license fee, turn-key new business set and the equipment package. These are considered “hard costs” of the franchise investment and vary based on the equipment a new owner chooses.

Initial Hard Cost Investment
(1) Initial License Fee €15,000 The right to use certain trademark, service marks and other commercial symbols, as well as the right to use the intellectual property in operation of your ChemDry business
(2) TurnKey New Business Setup €5,595. Initial Cleaning Solution, and Advertising Materials, training and marketing materials, start-up package of cleaning solutions, spot removal products, and van decals.
(3) New Equipment Package A €15,000. Portable Power Base Unit, Power Head,( Hot carbonatingextraction head), Tile cleaning Equipment
Total Hard Cost Investment
A €35,595.

As shown above when starting a new business the hard cost of the Chem-Dry investment range from €35,595. There is no easier way of opening your own business,

The fourth component is essentially working capital to cover other hard and soft costs related to the start up that aren’t financed by Chem-Dry. These costs are variable and depend on the setup of each individual business. The general range for these costs are between €9,100 and €47,600, plus owner living expenses.

Estimated Soft Costs of ChemDry Investment
Expenditures Estimated Amount or Estimated Low-High Range
Van (2) €0 – €23,,000.
Telephone €400 -
Training Expenses €400. – €600
Insurance €2000 – €3,000
Additional Funds – 3 months €2,500 – €9,000
Computer System €800 – €2,000
Advertising – 3 months €3,000 – €10,000
Owner Living Expenses Variable

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