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Do you want to be your own Boss?

March 23rd, 2015 by


Do you want to be your own boss?picture of chem-dry carpet cleaning van

Do you want to work from home?

Do you want to work & live in your own county?

Do you want to keep more of what you earn?

YES?  Then read on.

Are you apprehensive about starting your own business?

It’s reckoned that only 30% of stand-alone businesses survive the first 5 years

But 90% of Franchises businesses do!

We are offering a franchise business in your area

  • Chem-Dry has been in operation for 37 years
  • Rated #1 in it’s class for 26 years by Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Only 1 franchise per 60,000 people ( that means 22,000 houses

So a county like Offaly – 1 Franchisee

A County like Donegal – 2 franchisees

A unique green, patented system

3 Businesses in 1.  i.e carpet, upholstery and tile & stone cleaning

Do you know of any homes in your county that DON’T have; carpets or rugs, couches, Mattresses, Bathroom tiles?

In your area are there Hotels; Pubs; Restaurants; Offices; Schools; Churches; Clubs? Do they have carpets, chairs etc.?   Somebody has to clean them.

How often do you clean your clothes…? And you don’t even walk on them!

So, if you have the best brand name & system in the world, plus you are the only franchise in the area, do you think you could succeed?


Example—- basic 1 man operation in year 1.


Outgoings                                                                Income

Cost of Franchise Complete                                 Clean; Sitting Room, Dining Room HSL  €185  2 hours

€36,000 & recoup over                                          3+1+1 suite  Clean                                   €195  2 hours

4 years  =                              €180. PW                  3+1+1 suite clean & protect                  €330 2 Hours +

Franchise fee €400 PM        €93   PW                   SR, DR, HSL Clean & Protect                  €264  2 hours

Van over 4 years                   €100 PW                  Hotel Function room                        €600 — €1000 8 hrs

Diesel                                      €70  PW                   Bar Carpet & Seating                       €600 — €1000

Advertising                            €100 PW                   Kitchen Floor Tiles                           €200 — €400    3 HRS

Wages                                    €400 PW                  If only 1 job per day for

2 – 3 hrs     average job €180

Per week                            €943 + Vat                     For 6 days                                          €1100  Incl Vat.


You will also be trained to provide:

  • Water & Smoke damage restoration
  • Curtain cleaning in Situ
  • Anti-Allergen Treatment
  • P.U.R.T ( Pet urine removal treatment)
  • Sanitizing of carpets
  • Leather cleaning
  • Sales of Chem-Dry consumer products


If you think this might be for you, give me a call on  1850 500 200 for  no-obligation meeting.

Finalists announced for the 20th Anniversary of the Irish Franchise Awards 2015

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